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DIY: Filtered Pet Fountain


How to Make A Pet Water Fountain



  If you're like me, you love your pet and you want what's best for them. Keeping fresh water is extremely important for humans, everyone knows that. Often times because our schedules are so hectic, pets get overlooked.


 Since water constitutes approximately 70% of a cat or dogs body, it is imperative to encourage them to replenish their reserves for health and well-being.


Also, keeping the container clean is just as important.


  A pet water fountain seemed to be the answer. Afterall, who doesn't like to drink fresh filtered water? Research suggests that pets that stay hydrated remain healthier and are more likely to drink from a bowl of fresh, clean water than from a stagnant source, thus decreasing the risks of kidney failure.


  However, after surfing the net about a few name brand pet fountains, I found more cons than pros. Noisy or malfunctioning pumps, parts were too hard to clean & not very accessible,  expensive replacement parts and special brushes were needed for cleaning (sold separately of course!) just to name a few.


Sooo, the wheels started turning and I came up with my own idea for a pet water fountain. I'd like to share that with you. Here is a way to cut costs and still have a filtered pet water fountain.


What you need:

A small power filter used for fish aquariums and a flat-sided stainless steel bucket.


It's that simple!


The filters can be purchased at almost any pet store for around $15. I bought the Top Fin 10 model. Be sure to purchase extra filters as they need to be replaced monthly according to the manufacturer. They are very easy to assemble & clean.


Top Fin 10 Power Filter


For the buckets, they were a little harder to find for what I needed. I finally found them at  for around $20 + shipping. Be sure to get the flat-sided and not the ones with a hook for hanging on kennels. 6 quart buckets were perfect for my situation as they are the right height for my cat or other small dogs that stay with me from time to time. 9 quart buckets were too large and 4 quart buckets were too small. (The bucket needs to have at least a 7" depth for the intake tube on the filter). Sometimes I add ice cubes. Mmmm, thirsty yet?


I clean the bucket, wipe the filter from debris and use a baby bottle brush purchased at the dollar store to clean out the tubes twice a week or as needed. Takes less than 5 minutes usually. To remove algae buildup I use vinegar/baking soda solution to loosen it up and then pour in some hot water.


6 qt. Flat Sided Stainless Steel Bucket


Cats especially like moving water. Having fresh water encourages your pet to drink more water plus as an added bonus, you get the affects of a relaxation fountain! Feng Shui baby!!



My pets' water fountain  :)


Other benefits:




** You can still make this fountain if you have deep enough bowls such as this 10 quart bowl.





You will need to find a shim to adjust the height of the filter. I haven't tried it but a book end might would do the trick :)



If you have an idea, tips, or suggestions

that you would like to share with others

drop me a line and maybe I will post it on my site!


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Thanks bumpernuts for sending in this picture of your cat enjoying her fountain. Keep me posted if you think of any suggestions or improvements.