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            Hello. My name is Randy Brown and I am an experienced and professional full-time pet sitter established in Morganton, NC, since 2004. Until May 2015, I owned two Boxers and a cat and I am totally devoted to caring for and providing companionship and positive experiences for all your pets or animals. Sadly, my sweet hearts are no longer with me except in memory. Punky, the cat, and I miss them dearly. Point being, I understand how precious your fur babies are to you and how dear they are to your heart. RIP: Jasper, my best buddy ever!


 Besides being your pets' friend & companion while you're gone, I will feed, provide fresh water, exercise, love & play with your pet in the comfort of it's own home plus I offer a few courtesy services to make your home more secure while you are away. I also realize that not all dogs are ball chasers and some are more secure with calm energy and a calm presence. For the excitable ones, there are ways I can help drain some of that energy. I will always try to balance fun along with safety and I do this by simply allowing your dog(s) to be a dog and by providing structure and boundaries much like a teacher in a class room. Walking and grooming are two of my favorite ways to bond with your dog. Both tap into a dogs natural instinct to migrate or roam the earth and provide physical touch which most dogs enjoy. Show me a dog who doesn't like his rump rubbed?


Whether you are going on vacation, traveling for business, stuck at the office or just need a night out I got you covered! I offer pet sitting for large or small animals, daily dog walking or simple no frills potty break visits.



               A few benefits of hiring a pet sitter : 

Reduces stress by allowing your pet to remain in a secure environment where all sights, smells and sounds are familiar.




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    To adopt a pet, volunteer services, make a donation or report animal neglect or cruelty please contact Friends For Animals The Humane Society of Burke County :






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